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98 thoughts on “Free Roulette Tool


  1. Hi Geek

    I am over now my first game day :), Profit: $22. Amazing. And that time the highest risk was only $6, so I had to spin once, 3x on the same column.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Start with just 10$ on ROYAL PANDA casino and i’m with 20$ now . But just works on european roulette. I tried another table roulette series ( because of 0,10 bet) and didn’t work. On european roulette i didn’t go more then 6 units bet. Thanks!

  3. thanks geek. my $100 is now $160 after 3 days of continuous winning. I am going to take a break for the time-being. This is just for my past-time and it is fun to do something you enjoy and getting rewarded as well. thanks once again. have a great day!

  4. WOW. That is seriously some effort on your part. from putting the tool up to getting this site up and of course answering all kinds of people in this comments section – heads off to you. very impressive effort. for your genuine effort, i am going to give this a REAL shot and i will update you soon after!!!

  5. Honestly, I am hooked to playing European roulette with your roulette tool. Though, I am not the brains behind this algo, it gives me an extremely good and explainable adrenaline feel whenever the bank roll increases. thus far, i have been in the upside. I think the real secret to winning is to take the required breaks and knowing when to call it a day.

  6. okay guys. I am not a rich fella. I could only afford to lose $50. so i had deposited $50. but, the good thing is, now I am $50 richer. I was able to double it in 5 days. really not bad for about 10mins of my time. I think I won’t increase my bet size because, i prefer to go modest. if you are a high-roller, go for the big numbers and i am sure it will work out for you.

    • Hi Michael,

      It is a wise decision to only invest what you are willing to lose. The good thing is casinos like Royal Panda, gives you a 100% welcome bonus which should get you started with a nice sum.

  7. Geek,

    Do you think it is still working in Real Mode? I have practiced well enough in Practice Mode and I wish to go to Real Mode. Planning to start with $100. If it works I will update you. Hopefully win enough to place all my winning on the big jackpot slots. 😛

  8. an update – made $40 dollars thus far – not bad for a $100 investment. but, i am not going to place all my winnings in the big jackpot slots yet. I would rather place my winnings in the 2 other casinos and diversify. thanks mate.

    • Hi Andy,

      The real purpose of a real account video is to let people know that there are no differences between a demo play & a real play. Glad that it served the purpose.


  9. Geek, I follow your site weekly! Adding that real account proof was indeed a great little addition. It made me deposit real money and win some real money with Royal Panda. Hopefully, this helps others who are still on the sidelines.

    • Hi Steve,

      Expert Tips? Hmmm. I had said whatever anyone would ever need to get started. Just follow this 1 rule – Do not go over the winning limits set for each day. You should have a control over your game plan. That’s it.

  10. I have been using $2 bets on Royal Panda casino. Been 2 days & I am up by $20. There is some really temptation to increase my daily winnings limit. But, I shall listen to your advice & stay within those limits. Maybe the better way would be to deposit little more eh?

    • Hi Terry,

      More than earning the money, you should also enjoy doing it. For me, it isn’t the money that keeps me going. But, the thrill of winning the bets that keep me going. And, I should admit that it is not easy to stay within the winning limits especially when you are having fun doing it. 🙂

  11. Honestly, at first I thought this was another strategy that might not work. But, after reading your “WHY IT WORKS” – I can see why it might just work. And, after trying it for real money at ROYAL PANDA CASINO, I can truly say it is working for me thus far. Thanks – Sometimes, you just have to give it a shot.

    • Hi Darren,

      “Why It Works” page took the most effort to put up. I had to explain it in layman terms as much as possible. And, that was not easy. 😀

      Keep me updated on your progress.

      • Hey Geek,

        You’re Welcome.

        In fact, I should be the one thanking you more. Because I just took my winnings to £162 @ Royal Panda after yesterday’s session.

        Here you go,


      • Hello Geek,
        thank you so much for this excellent working tool!

        At least it´s not only exciting to play Roulette, it´s also fun to see money slowly growing.
        How long is it possible to get your amazing tool for free?
        Best wishes from Germany

  12. Hi Geek
    I’ve been using your tool for Royal Panda, and it has paid me good money. I started playing with 107 and yesterday I was 780 until I tried to make yesterday 400 dollars, I ended up with only 182.

  13. Hi Roulette Geek & Fellow Players,

    I started with just £50.
    Today, my account balance is £615.

    Chris Horne

    I really hope that you guys stop doubting and take some action that will benefit you. Remember, you miss 100% of the shots that you never take.

    At the very least, give it a try before doubting.

  14. Thx Mate. It indeed works at royal panda casino like a charm. the key is “slow & steady”. I just put in the minimum sum of about $30 (bonus was 2 times) so I got to a starting bankroll of $60. and, that was enough for me to get started. with the help of your free tool now I am at almost $120 in about 7 days. the good thing is I can start using $2 stake now and this will help me double my winnings in the next 7 days and so on. thx once again. adios!

  15. Hi Mr Geek

    Well £200 deposited today with RoyalPanda and £100 bonus gave me enough to cover £5 stakes and by using your incredible tool I made £60 in 30 mins!

    Just a word of warning to anyone who stumbles across your YouTube videos – do not dive straight in without first reading ALL of the information you provide, ie. know your starting pot required and walk away when daily goal reached! And yes peeps, I have had my fingers and bank balance burnt. From past experience of betting Red and Black doubling up on every losing spin will ultimately ruin you as you will either run out of money, borrow money you cannot afford to lose or be refused by casino to cover the necessary stake as it is more than their stake limit! Can I also say that in my experience the spin of the Roulette wheel is completely random and I am hoping that the Roulette tool can help me recoup some of my debts. I think the attitude of the Geek and most others who have posted a message on here is play it as a game till you reach your daily goal and come back the next day. Don’t let greed get in the way of a fun game.

    Obviously, having been burnt in the past, I still hold judgement on making money by using Mr Geek’s Roulette Tool (no offence Mr Geek) but I sincerely hope I am proven wrong in the long term. I’ll keep you posted. Good luck everyone and thanks Mr Geek for giving me hope that it really is possible to make money from the Roulette table :o)

    • Day 2: Turned £360 into £426 with £6 stakes. Happy days! Tomorrow I will be using £7 stakes to make £70 daily profit. Glass half full now lol :o)
      NB. 3rd spin was longest wait today but yesterday it got as far as the 7th spin before hitting (yikes!)

      Question Mr Geek – In your experience, how likely is it to go to a 9th spin meaning we won’t have enough money to cover the stakes? Many Thanks, Rob

  16. Hey geek, i have a question, i see royal panda casino is offline, i can not registrated myself. Do you have some new experiences with oher casinos to use tool on?

    kind regards michael

  17. Sure, it works – Here’s my story:

    The first time I played roulette this year, i deposited 50€ and that same day worked my bankroll up to about 1500€ without knowing what I was doing. I was using Martingale strategy and subsequently lost all my winnings on a bad streak. Then I did a bit of research into roulette strategies and wound up here.. What I learned was:

    a) There’s no such thing as a winning roulette strategy. The house always has an edge.

    b) What this tool does is give the player a slight advantage over the casino in the long run. A slight advantage does not mean you’ve beaten the casino, but with smart investments you most likely will have net positive winnings.

    c) That being said, having an advantage doesn’t mean you’ll win 100% of the time. More likely you won’t lose about 99% of the time. Keep in mind the odds of roulette – the house wins roughly 97,3% of the time. Unless you play on a physical wheel and happen to know said wheel has a bias there’s no way to beat roulette.

    Then I started playing seriously. I invested 120€ and the highest my bankroll got was around 800€, in about 3 months. Anyway, here’s a few tips:

    1) Don’t gamble. Treat it as a super risky investment. If you get into a gambling state of mind and start chasing your losses you might as well throw money out the window.

    2) Manage your bankroll. I like to keep at least double the amount required. So if I’m playing for a 10€ winning target, I’d have a bankroll of at least 116€. However, never deposit more than you can comfortably afford to lose. It might take a while to work your bankroll up but hey, it’s basically free money, so be patient.

    3) Never up your winning target until you’ve covered your potential loss. So again if you’re playing for 10€, go from 116€ to 232€ before playing for 20€ – this way the most you’re gonna lose is 50% of your bankroll which is a manageable loss.

    4) Understand how the tool works. Study it. Do free spins or playmoney games until you’re confident you understand how the tool behaves in the long run. It will fail, but the odds of it failing can be calculated and you can eventually expect losses and avoid them. Or manage your losses using tip number 3.

    5) Beware of human error. Never play if you’re not sober. Double check your numbers. Remember that you, the player, are the weakest link in this equation.

    6) Be smart about where you play. Do your homework on the casino(s) before depositing. I learned this the hard way. If ever in doubt, cash out and go somewhere else.

    7) Have fun. Playing roulette can be a nice addition to your monthly income but don’t treat it as a job or rely on your winnings.

    Thanks mr. Geek, it’s been great. Still net positive after about 4-5 months 🙂

  18. Hi I have been practicing using the Free Tool for about a week and like how it works have only busted 2 times in many games. I was wondering say you win 6 games at 100.00 a game up 600.00 then you bust bet the limit and don,t win you lose the 600.00 you won? if you have to bet the max it will wipe out all your winnings! thats the thing you play and win 6 games and then 1 game wipes it out . don,t know how can be avoided? thanks Dan

    • Hi Dan,

      Thank you for your question.

      Firstly, choose an amount that you are comfortable to lose.
      Secondly, stick to a routine. Play around the same time and play only once per day.
      Call it a quit once you have reached your daily winning target.
      Lastly, I noticed that my winnings are better when I play in the morning.
      The winnings also come in faster. It is almost like the Casino is being too generous to you.

      I hope these tips help you. 🙂

  19. WOW! How can something like this be FREE?!? Can I send you some of my winnings? 😉

    So far, so good! Hope this doesn’t eventually go BUST, like the last Roulette Software I tried out. What is the longest losing streak on your Roulette Tool? Can it go past 8 in a row?

    Thank you so much for sharing & providing your very unique & intriguing Roulette Tool for everyone to benefit! I’m sure you are a God-send to those who have been looking for a “miracle”, to help them with their financial problems.

    Granted, this should be treated “systematically”, in a controlled way. Because I can foresee that using it in a reckless & greedy manner, will cause some users to eventually lose. Common sense says – why would an online Casino let someone consistently make more than a couple of hundred dollars, every single day??? I read somewhere that keeping your winnings in-check, to around $100-$200 daily is the safe way to go.

    Wishing you the Very Best!

    • Hi Raul,

      Thank you for the nice feedback.
      Of course, you may send me some of your winnings. Just Kidding!

      Now to your question,
      Have I gone past 8 in a row? Yes. I had.
      Which is why I reworked on the strategy and added a ratio as well as a max winning limit per day.
      This allows me to minimize my losses and maximize my winnings in the long run.

      Hope it helps.

      • … I was able to back-up your Roulette Tool page. But I’m still willing to pay you for your invaluable tool, let me know! 😉 Btw, can you change the name on my comments to “RP” for Roulette Player, I don’t want the wifey to find out I’m dong this, just in case. =)

        Thanks a Million!

      • Ooops! I suffered a set-back. Now I know WHY you set a “stop-loss” on your Roulette Tool the way you did. It went for a 12-in-a-row losing streak, and my bank was only good for 11!!! Talk about bad luck! Plus I got greedy and went for a 2nd try in the afternoon. It was so tempting to do that 2nd one, because in the morning session the casino seemed like they just wanted to give money away. 😉

        So folks, LISTEN to the Geek – play only ONCE a day and the mornings seems like the best time to play.

        Wish you guys all the LUCK! 😀

  20. Hey RG,

    After testing your Roulette Tool, I have found that it is the “missing link” that I have been looking for to “foolproof” my own roulette method. So I’m using it in conjunction with my system. Although your Roulette Tool does go bust at times, it doesn’t matter for me because I don’t use your Tool straight-up. I simply use it to determine which dozen or column to play in combination with my method, then I use my own progressive betting strategy but with a much higher bankroll.

    Can I purchase a software version of the Roulette Tool? I would like the peace of mind that I have access to it at all times, just in case this webpage goes off-line for whatever reason. Without your Roulette Tool, my own method would be too risky by itself. Please contact me privately, hope you can help me. Thanks!

    Best Regards,

  21. Hi Geek,

    Love your work mate, I am currently using this system using the lowest $1 bet starting point have played a couple days now and have not gone bust.

    Would you please be able to email me this tool in software format because I’m dreading this site ever goes down 🙁

    I will keep you posted how long I last without busting at this casino and share with you 🙂

    Kind regards,


  22. Hi Geek
    I living in Australia and can’t sign in to The Royal panda.
    Do you know ane good online casinos that i can use Roulette Geek there? ?

    • Hi Sam,

      Unfortunately, alot of casinos are not accepting Australian players. If you do come across casinos that accept Australian players and it works with the roulette tool, do update me in this comments thread.


  23. Thank You Geek!! I used this on a demo account and it worked wonders. I took the demo from $500 to $650 with your Roulette Tool. I now have the confidence to go to Real Money thanks to you. Stay blessed, you’re a good man.

  24. Hi RG, thanks for your tools. It is really great tools and how generous you are to share it fro free. I have been trying using it for 2 days now and has up my bankroll for $37. It is too bad that royal panda does not accept player from my country (malaysia). So I have to play at Asia online casino which is regulated by Gaming Curacao. Some are not even regulated. Also, i couldnt find RnG roulette that could spin for free. So I bet in the live game (air roulette). Do you think it is fine to use your tools in this casino, live roulette and do you have any online casino to suggest to me?

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, I am unable to answer your question. Because, I am unable to try out those casinos. That said, if a casino works for you, please do share it here.

  25. Hello There…
    I am from Greece. I can’t have an account in Royal Panda Casino because of the Greek law, but i think it’s working to the casino i play.
    I will send you details if you like, in a few days. (After enought trial)
    Is it possible to email me this tool in software format?

    Thank you anyway..

  26. is your strategy better to use it in the morning or in the evening? If in “practice” mode you lose with your strategy, can you lose with the same casino even in “real money” mode?

    • Hi Ciro,

      I stick to my routine of playing when there is lesser traffic on the casino platform – mornings. Practice mode is for you to perfect the strategy and to keep your composure. Real money mode is no different.

  27. Hello Lorenzo I’m writing from Italy I’m playing on a Titanbet Roulette Pro I do sessions from € 20 a day for now I won € 140 thanks to this system thank you so much I hope to continue like this !!!!
    Greetings from Italy


    • Hi,

      Yes. Possible. But, I don’t use it because the spin is way too slow. I can utilize quick spin with the usual software based European roulette

  28. Hi RG,

    Sorry for bombarding you! I am now £40 up thanks to your tool. You are amazing!

    I just have a question, does it flag your account up for suspension if I go on every day and win every day? Or do you recommend, every other day/purposely lose/play another game?

    • Hi Mizzli,

      That’s great. Not really. Because, there are other bigger players playing at an even higher level. We are only eating a small share.

  29. Hi geek
    I reply late;
    Actually i had played with some online casino in Australia.
    It’s little bit works .
    Like 2 or 3 days win and following day losing.
    Actually i didn’t play it anymore.
    Hope one day can play in the panda casino.
    Anyway thanku so much for helping people.
    Hope you guys always happy ^^

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